Otracom Forecasting Module Released

23 January 2017

Downer is pleased to announce the release of its newly developed Otracom Forecasting Module, which is set to significantly enhance the value delivered by its world-class tyre management software, Otracom.

The Otracom Forecasting Module will provide a number of key functions, highlighted in the following feature list:

  • Forecasting the fitment requirements for new component (tyres & rims), to the day from 12 months to 60 months;
  • Ability to forecast components at varying levels of detail i.e. Fleet, Vehicle and Component Specification;
  • Ability to change future fitment specification types;
  • Performing ‘What if’ Analysis by changing parameters i.e. ‘What if’ I change tyre specification? ‘What if’ I increase the running hours at which the front tyres are removed for run-outs? ‘What if’ I change the rim NDT inspection requirements?
  • Generating new tyre and rim requirements, while taking into account current stock on hand, to forecast when orders need to be made;
  • Generating forecast run-out tyre requirements;
  • Generating rim NDT inspection requirements;
  • Generating tyre budget for forecast period;

The Otracom Forecasting Module is one component of the Otracom redevelopment project currently in progress. This project will result in Otracom adopting a new look and feel to improve the user experience, while also providing additional functionality based on our customer feedback.

In addition, Otracom will incorporate Snowden’s newly released NeuroverseTM software platform. NeuroverseTM enables the rapid implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, ingesting data from devices and traditional data sources alike, extracting valuable insights and presenting those through powerful visualisations.

For Otracom this means effortlessly integrating with Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), ERPs and Fleet Management Systems (FMS) and combining previously unachievable insights by connecting these datasets with the Otracom database. Other data sources, such as Bureau of Meteorology rainfall and temperature data, will be added to the many sources of relevant operational performance data for Business Intelligence analysis, reporting and predictions through machine learning.

For all Otracom product news and announcements please regularly check the Otracom website at web.otracom.com or follow Otracom on LinkedIn.