Otraco's Christmas Creek team hits major safety milestone

In August, Otraco’s Christmas Creek team celebrated 10,000 earthmover tyre changes without an incident. This is an extraordinary achievement given that, with 159 pieces of equipment, our Christmas Creek team performs the most tyre changes per tyre fitter per month of any site in the West Pilbara region and possibly in all Australia.

Site Manager Brent Blacker said: “The high-risk nature of the work we do is widely acknowledged, and we’re extremely proud of our safety culture, as well as all the procedures, processes, controls and training that we have in place that enable our people to consistently work safely.

“Innovations, such as the elevated work platform, tyre pad controller system and upgrades to the current Otraco tyre bay infrastructure and procedures, have also all been instrumental in helping us meet this milestone. However, we couldn’t have achieved it without the hard work of our people, past and present.

“Thank you to all our employees at Christmas Creek who, through great teamwork and focus on working safely, have ensured that everyone has gone home safe every day since the first tyre change back in August 2010,” Brent said.

10000 Tyre Change Xmas Creek Photo

From left to right are Otraco Christmas Creek Site Manager Brent Blacker, COO Mining West Mike Sutton, Mark Cardosa, Ashly Jefferies, Fabricio Santana, CEO David Overall, Alternate Project Manager Kris Oliver and Chris Young.