The new Otraco 3arm® Support Tool - revolutionising tyre management

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Always looking for a better way to safely and cost-effectively improve tyre management for off-the-road (OTR) vehicles, Otraco has released the new Otraco 3arm® Support Tool.

With a focus on innovation, and in partnership with the HMS Group (Australasian distributor of the European designed 3arm®), Otraco has brought the technological advances of ergonomic solutions to OTR tyre management.

Finding a better way
Mick Carr, General Manager Otraco and Maintenance Services within Downer’s Mining, Energy and Industrial (MEI) division said that the changing of rims and tyres hasn’t altered for more than 30 years despite increases in the sizes of trucks and tyres, and the highly dangerous nature of the job.

“We are constantly evaluating and testing new technologies with the objective of improving safety for our teams and lowering the cost of tyre ownership for customers. The new Otraco 3arm® Support Tool is helping us to deliver not only improved safety and reduced costs; it’s ease of operation is also helping to deliver improved workforce diversity,” said Mick.

Designed fit-for-purpose by Otraco in Australia for some of the toughest vehicles on the most challenging mine sites in the world, the Otraco 3arm® Support Tool is revolutionising tyre management by eliminating the need for tyre fitters to manually handle heavy tooling such as rattle guns and torque guns which can weigh up to 20 kilograms. This enables deployment of a wider range of operators and that’s appealing to Otraco’s customers.

“Customers are looking to increase workforce diversity on mine sites while minimising injuries associated with the constant vibration of heavy tools. So not surprisingly we’re getting a lot of very keen interest from customers wanting to learn more about the Otraco 3arm® Support Tool and see it in action onsite,” said Mick.

Online video
Demonstrating the Otraco 3arm® Support Tool in action is a short video on Otraco’s YouTube channel. More information can be found here.

Heavy tooling applications
Beyond tyre management the new Otraco 3arm® Support Tool is an ideal solution for other applications requiring heavy tooling.

“In addition to tyre and rim management, we will be introducing the new Otraco 3arm® Support Tool as a suitable solution for heavy tooling applications such as wheel motor and front strut removal,” said Mick.

Key benefits

  • Right tooling in the right place
  • Takes the weight of tools reducing fatigue and potential injury
  • Removes operator’s hands from dangerous pinch zones
  • Easier to operate attracting a diverse workforce
  • Reduced repetitive strain injuries from minimising the transfer of vibration to operators leading to long-term health benefits.

More information

For more information contact Otraco on 1800OTRACO or email


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