OTR Tyre Management

Delivering Complete Tyre Management

Our onsite OTR and LME tyre maintenance teams provide 24-hour operational support for customers in some of the most remote regions of Australia, Southern Africa and Chile.

Drawing from our hands-on knowledge of customer operations combined with our highly skilled technical expertise we help customers achieve their specific cost and productivity targets for operations of any size or complexity.


Delivering Complete Tyre Management

Proven Solutions To Meet Specific Needs

With tyres being one of the most significant costs for mining operations, we understand the importance of increasing productivity whilst reducing the total cost of tyre ownership. That’s why our onsite service contracts focus on delivering:

  • Increased overall site profitability;
  • Minimising tyre costs;
  • Maximising plant availability and service life;
  • Reducing management and maintenance expenditure;
  • Enhancing efficiency through continuous improvement and education; and
  • Maintaining the highest possible quality, safety and environmental standards.

Our teams achieve these results through deployment of our Tyre Management System, Otracom.

Tyre Management

Tyre Selection

Our teams combine over 45 years of working knowledge with awareness of the latest innovations from the world’s leading tyre suppliers to determine the optimum tyre specification for operational sites. This ‘fit for purpose’ approach maximises tyre life as well as machine productivity.

Mine Condition Monitoring

Otraco has developed guidelines for the design and upkeep of haulroads, benches and working areas so that tyre and truck component damage is minimised and productivity is enhanced. Our management system also includes regular pit condition reporting.

Education and Awareness

Our onsite teams undergo industry leading training at Otraco’s Training Centre. Incorporating competency-based delivery and assessment, our training programs comprise on-the-job training, workshops and classroom learning. All programs are delivered through Otraco’s Enterprise Registered Training Organisation 51112. Turning knowledge into value, our onsite teams work closely with customer teams to develop a strong site culture of tyre awareness.

Scheduled Maintenance

Machine downtime due to tyre maintenance is kept to a minimum by scheduling tyre work whenever possible and by having highly-trained service technicians using fit-for-purpose tools and fully documented work procedures. In addition, Otraco’s servicing methods undergo continuous process improvement to increase safety and extend machine availability.

Tyre Reconditioning and Rim Management

Otraco’s tyre reconditioning program with partners such as Renova in Chile and at our purpose built facilities in South Africa, extend tyre life in the most cost efficient manner through tyre repairing and, if warranted, retreading. Rim tracking and maintenance, including anti-corrosion treatment and robust non-destructive testing regimes, are also integral to Otraco’s services.

Management Reporting

Otraco provides detailed monthly reports that analyse tyre life, operational, maintenance and supply parameters. Reports contain graphically-based interactive analysis as well as an examination of tyre-related issues and specific recommendations to improve productivity and minimise costs. Findings from management reports feed into new initiatives which are introduced via pre-agreed implementation programs designed to deliver maximum value to operations.


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