Delivering real-time technology solutions to increase productivity, reduce operating costs and improve safety

The increasing availability of new technologies provides opportunities to bring innovative, cost effective solutions to traditional tyre management practises, helping to increase productivity and improve safety. Otraco’s technology-based solutions utilise the latest augmented reality, advanced analytics, visualisation and machine learning within an Internet of Everything (IoT) environment.


Otracom A Downer Company

Otracom – Tyre Management System

Developed by Otraco and installed in over 80 operational sites worldwide, Otracom is an internationally recognised Tyre Management System (TMS). Providing a comprehensive, real-time solution for managing tyres, rims and chains fitted to heavy vehicles, Otracom integrates with tyre-pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), fleet management and ERP systems. Delivered as part of Otraco’s complete Tyre Management Solution, Otracom can also be purchased via subscription for non-Otraco maintained sites.

Key features

  • Tracking and management of tyres and rims from manufacture through to disposal
  • Identification of performance trends and opportunities to reduce tyre related costs
  • Lifecycle inventory control (including repairs, transfers, scrapped tyres, etc.)
  • Tyre cost analysis, budgeting and forecasting
  • Real-time data recorded from sensors built into tyres providing key information to improve tyre life
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Business intelligence reporting

Enabling customers to operate a central asset management system, Otracom collects data from multiple operational sites delivering consistent, reliable analysis and reporting that captures valuable history as well as forecasting future requirements.

User-friendly and available in multiple languages, Otracom is supported across Australia, South Africa and Chile.


Otracom A Downer Company

Otracom mobile

Combining the detailed data interfaces of Otracom with the convenience of a mobile app, Otracom Mobile enables tyre technicians to capture data in the field and upload to Otracom. Saving time, reducing paperwork and improving reporting accuracy, Otracom operates on Apple iOS and Android platforms.

The latest mobile app has a number of key functions including: recording of fleet inspection data, entering of tyre and rim changes during maintenance sessions, receipt of new tyre equipment and stocktake.

As a standalone device, tyre technicians can record data anywhere, anytime and upload to centralised systems via network connections when available.

Otracom forecasting module

Released in 2017, the new forecasting module offers the following key features:

  • Forecasting the fitment requirement of new components (tyres and rims) from 12 through to 60 months;
  • Forecasting components at varying levels of detail i.e. Fleet, Vehicle and Component Specification;
  • Changing of future fitment specification types;
  • Performing ‘What if’ Analysis i.e. ‘What if’ I change tyre specification? ‘What if’ I increase the running hours at which the front tyres are removed for run-outs? ‘What if’ I change the rim NDT inspection requirements?;
  • Generating new tyre and rim requirements (taking into account current stock) to forecast timing for new orders;
  • Generating forecast run-out tyre requirements;
  • Generating rim NDT inspection requirements; and
  • Generating tyre budgets for forecast periods.

New releases

Otracom is currently being upgraded to incorporate the Neuroverse™ software platform. This will enable rapid implementation of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, ingesting data from devices and traditional data sources alike, extracting valuable insights and presenting these in real-time via interactive dashboards.

In addition, new data sources such as Bureau of Meteorology rainfall and temperature data, will be added to the many sources of relevant operational performance data for Business Intelligence analysis, reporting and predictions through machine learning.


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