About Us

Transforming tyre management

With over 45 years’ experience delivering off-the-road (OTR) and light mobile equipment (LME) tyre management solutions, Otraco helps customers across the mining sector to increase productivity and reduce the total cost of tyre ownership.


Solutions to meet specific customer requirements

  • Complete tyre management delivered by Otraco’s fully accredited tyre technicians located onsite; Otraco provides tyre maintenance supported by Zero Harm safety programs and asset management solutions.
  • Computerised tyre management system (OTRACOM) recording real-time data from tyre sensors, OTRACOM tracks and manages tyres and rims from manufacture to disposal, providing essential performance data reporting at key stages.
  • Tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) delivered via software applications utilising live data feeds to monitor tyre life, TPMS systems issue alerts when maintenance is required and produce performance data reporting.
  • Remote asset management systems (RAMS) enabling the tracking of tyres and other heavy vehicle assets from centrally located operational headquarters.
  • Training and engineering support helping customers to commission, operate and maintain cost effective tyre management solutions worldwide.


Founded on the deeply held value of Zero Harm, Otraco is focused on ensuring that all teams return home safely to their families at the end of every working day. Setting the standard in global tyre safety leadership, our commitment to Zero Harm is regularly recognised by customers, one example being the 2017 Safety Award from Swakop Uranium in Namibia.


Across Otraco, innovation is key to helping customers achieve step change improvements in day-to-day operations. Teams are encouraged to challenge the traditional ways of doing things by asking questions such as ‘how can we get this job done in a safer way?’ These simple questions uncover highly cost-effective solutions such as the award winning ‘spacer plates’ technology.

“Successful innovation comes from a team approach. By working closely with our customers we get a hands-on understanding of their operational challenges and can then work together to identify and test various solutions,” Mick Carr, General Manager.



Relationships creating success

Testament to Otraco’s close customer relationships is our long-term contracts with some of the world’s largest mining operators. Teams combine their hands-on knowledge of customer operations with highly skilled technical expertise to help customers achieve their specific cost and productivity targets for each project. With upcoming expansion into the infrastructure and defence sectors, Otraco is now bringing its highly regarded teamwork, experience and know-how to a new customer base.

Enterprise Registered Training Organisation 51112

With a focus on turning knowledge into value, Otraco’s training centre delivers an extensive portfolio of programs for tyre technicians. Incorporating competency-based delivery and assessment, our training programs comprise on-the-job training, workshops and classroom learning. All programs are delivered through Otraco’s Enterprise Registered Training Organisation 51112. Otraco also offers training programs to customer teams on an as needs basis.


New technologies provide opportunities to bring innovative solutions to traditional tyre management practises. Otraco’s teams are developing technology-based solutions utilising augmented reality, advanced analytics, visualisation and machine learning within an IoT environment to bring new thinking to a wide range of operational needs.

Industrial products

Beyond tyre management, Otraco’s teams deliver a range of industrial products including machine tools and office supplies to customer sites.

Our history

With our company name anchored in our heritage as an ‘Off The Road Australian Company’, Otraco was founded in 1972 by Basil Winterbourn while delivering tyre management services at the Mount Whaleback Mine in Western Australia. Today Otraco is recognised as the ‘go to’ supplier for OTR and LME tyre management across Australia, Chile and Southern Africa.

Early beginnings

At the forefront of tyre management, Mr Winterbourn and the emerging Otraco business developed methodologies for tyre life analysis (such as fitment period batching and axle fitment bias compensation), the tyre pressure and temperature monitoring system (TPMS), and the industry’s understanding of tyre explosion mechanisms. Even the tyre numbering system, now used almost universally, originated with Otraco.

A Downer company

Joining Downer in 2007, Otraco’s team has grown to over 800 tyre technicians located worldwide. Otraco operates within Downer’s Zero Harm framework and fosters a diverse and inclusive workplace that facilitates opportunity and respect. With a focus on gender and cultural inclusiveness, and through various initiatives, Otraco aims to help close the gap between indigenous and non-indigenous communities.


Four decades on Otraco continues to deliver tyre management solutions to the Mount Whaleback Mine in Western Australia along with over 60 projects worldwide. With a focus on expanding into the infrastructure and defence sectors, Otraco is set to continue as the ‘go to’ provider of OTR and LME tyre management for many decades to come.


Head Office

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