Industrial Products

Supplying Quality, Cost Effective Industrial Products to Customer Operations, No Matter How Remote

Working closely with some of the world’s leading tooling and equipment manufacturers we design, develop and deliver innovative industrial products to ensure tyre bay operations continue to operate safely, efficiently and productively.


With over 45 years experience and technical know-how, Otraco’s Industrial Products help customers to streamline the delivery of essential tyre bay commodities whilst introducing exciting new products designed to enhance mine productivity and safety.

No matter how remote, Otraco’s Industrial Products are delivered to sites across Australia, Chile and Southern Africa. The product range includes:

  • Otraco custom, in-house designed tyre fitting tools (Australia and Africa);
  • Tyre and Truck Maintenance Workshop Specialized Equipment and Tools (Africa and Australia);
  • Support Equipment;
  • Tyre and Rim Anti Rust and Component Lubrication;
  • Onsite OTR Tyre Repair up to 63” (Africa);
  • Haltec Consumable Products (Africa, Chile);
  • Topy Wheels, Rims and Components (Africa);
  • B&D Manufacturing Products (Australia and Africa);
  • AME International Tyre Workshop Tooling (Africa);
  • Nitrogen Filling (Africa); and
  • Renovo Tyre Repair and Retread Services (Chile).

New Otraco 3arm® Support Tool – Revolutionising The Handling of Heavy Tooling

Designed fit-for-purpose by Otraco for some of the toughest vehicles on the most challenging mine sites in the world, the new Otraco 3arm® Support Tool improves tyre maintenance by eliminating the need for tyre fitters to manually handle heavy tooling such as rattle guns and torque guns.

It’s revolutionising the way Otraco fits tyres and it’s delivering significant safety improvements.

To watch the video click here. To view the fact sheet click here. To contact Otraco email or call 1800 OTRACO

Industrial products
Industrial products


New Super Jack

One of the most exciting products to be added to Otraco’s Industrial Products range is the new Evolution Jack, a fully remote controlled, hydraulically driven vehicle.

Safe and time efficient, the new Evolution Jack enables workers to perform the required maintenance in a secure and safe environment within a fraction of the time.

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